How we do it

By active participation. By creating value for all the stakeholders. By using our deep knowledge and network we work with you to grow your business.

Our focus is on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) which are at the heart of job creation in any country, yet many of our partners have annual turnover in excess of a billion dollars.

A lot of trading does not happen because of lack of trust between the parties. This trade deficit has huge economic cost. There is therefore a huge gap between a company’s – and indeed a country’s – trading potential and the trade which actually takes place. That gap represents lost opportunities for both the parties. Our aspiration is to eliminate that gap.

We provide a higher trust environment because all our members are either vetted directly by us, or have been recommended by existing members. If required, we can perform due diligence on behalf of any party to provide any additional comfort. We are aiming for equality of opportunities for all.

We help UK companies collaborate and trade with companies from all across the Commonwealth to help alleviate poverty by creating jobs.