About Us

  • The CE Club is an international network of hundreds of experts in business and government with the aim of driving economic and social outcomes through collaboration to create jobs and alleviate poverty.
  • We work with decision-makers in countries (Africa, Asia, the Commonwealth and the EU) that require infrastructure development, investment opportunities and business growth, including Small and Medium Enterprise.
  • We work with countries’ federations and chambers of commerce, NGOs, multinationals and financial institutions to drive our Ten Social Enterprise goals.
  • We build sustainable international private sector and government partnerships for:
    • Capital Access with Financial Institutions and Venture Capital
    • International Distribution & Sales
    • Innovation & Technology
    • SME Growth for Job Creation to Alleviate Poverty
    • Project & Industry Expertise in:
    • Agriculture, Infrastructure, Energy, Manufacturing, Education, Property.

Why do we do that?

Our purpose is to alleviate poverty. Global trade growth (valued at $25.3tn) is slowing and the World Bank fears poverty levels could rise. We enable large-scale project deals and public-private partnerships that create business and job opportunities in regions that require development. We focus on driving projects that will have a positive impact on microeconomics and that align to our Ten Social Enterprise Goals.

Who is the founder of The CE Club?

Mobin is the Co-Founder Chairman of the Global Trade Partnerships – the international network for impact investments and social enterprise collaborations. The CEC is focused at building international public private partnerships to alleviate poverty. It drives capital access, distribution, innovation, SMEs growth and industry expertise in multiple sectors including; Finance, Trading, Infrastructure, Energy, Cement, Steel, Mining, Engineering, Industrial Parks, Real Estate, Smart Cities, Agriculture, Textile, Logistics, Technology, Healthcare, Tourism, Media, Communications, Fashion Designing, Education, Skills Development and MSMEs & SMEs.

Experience & Travel. He brings 40+ years of professional experience and has delivered as technocrat, industrialist and philanthropist with a remarkable series of achievements. His entrepreneurial journey is a continuation of century old industrial family business. He extended the legacy of hierarchy and established multiple industrial manufacturing units of engineering and textile in Pakistan. His current vision is based on accumulated exposure of travelling as an entrepreneur across entire world continents, visiting 70 + states and operating with royal dynasties, parliamentarians, diplomats, central banks leadership, leading entrepreneurs, industrialists, military generals and academicians.

Family Industrial Background. He seeks inspiration from the consequence of subcontinent partition into India and Pakistan in 1947, his grandparents migrated from India to settle at Karachi, Pakistan. The entrepreneurial resilience enabled his family to establish the first automobile industry in Pakistan with the name of Nisaco Motor Parts, specializing in automotive components manufacturing and engine reconditioning through US and Italian modern technology and with the capacity to grind the largest marine ships crankshafts. Mobin joined the legacy of entrepreneurship in 1977 after graduating as an engineer to work with his teacher – his father.

Own Industrial Background. He started from basic shop floor operations and gradually moved into building technology-led businesses specializing in low-cost design, special-purpose machines, jigs, fixtures and manufacturing-transfer lines. He established the first indigenous SME manufacturing facility spread across 300,000 sqft area to produce camshafts, engine valves, and gaskets and excelled towards producing 35 percent of tractor components for Fiat assembly lines. He is also the pioneer in introducing the first ever Rapier Shuttleless looms in Pakistan.

Published Reports, Invited Speaker & Advisories. He has published several reports on self-sustaining micro cities, industrial parks and low-cost housing as vehicles and growth enablers for trade, entrepreneurship and jobs creation in marginalized communities which are severely affected by poverty and regularly invited as speakers to share insights on social development. As a business leader, he understands that accomplishments are a result of getting people to work as a team. He has dedicated his life to helping SMEs and advising African and Asian developing countries governments on job creation and trade strategy to alleviate poverty.

Future Vision at Commonwealth Club. He now looks forward to initiating global sustainable projects aimed at inclusivity and empowering marginalized communities with skills and enabling them with the power of SMEs to create jobs and end poverty. He wants to realize these goals by leading and promoting the commonwealth entrepreneurial club connecting 5K+ highly successful entrepreneurs from across 54 commonwealth nations to open up new markets, facilitate trade, enhance regional connectivity and exclusively invest in setting up industrial parks, smart cities, low cost housing and vocational skills centres to develop requisite human capital all aimed at poverty alleviation on a mutually rewarding, business friendly and commercially viable projects.

Family, Golf & Book. An avid golfer who is blessed with a loving family, he is also documenting his vision and strategies in writing a new book, “ENTREPRENEURSHIP THROUGH SKILL DEVELOPMENT”.

We help UK companies collaborate and trade with companies from all across the Commonwealth to help alleviate poverty by creating jobs.